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PRESS RELEASE - BPL's Supply of Factor X, XI and 8Y

Date added: Friday 7th February 2014
Latest updated: Wednesday 8th February 2017

London UK: Bio Products Laboratory (BPL) confirms to both the UK Department of Health and the Haemophilia Society that it has no intention to discontinue the manufacture and sales of Factor X (named patient), Factor XI (named patient) and 8Y (containing ADAMTS13).  BPL has assured that if this commitment should change, then the Department of Health and the Haemophilia Society will receive one year's notice.

Kim Bjoernstrup, BPL CEO, comments:

"It is evident for us that BPL, as the sole manufacturer of these products in the UK, has a clear responsibility towards patients and the Department of Health to ensure supply of these vital therapies.  As an employer of over 550 skilled staff in the UK with expertise across science, manufacturing and other disciplines, and 1,200 in the US, BPL also has expectations to receive a certain loyalty from its UK customer base.

We are pleased with  how our facility in Elstree is taking on the challenge of new ownership, as shown by an increase of more than 30% in output and record sales in January.  The working culture of our Elstree employees confirms that the UK is an ideal place to have a manufacturing base.  This, combined with the excellent efforts of our colleagues in the US (DCI), gives me a firm belief in the future of this company."

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