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PRESS RELEASE - John Perkins to become new CEO BPL Holdings

Date added: Wednesday 30th April 2014
Latest updated: Wednesday 8th February 2017

LONDON, April 30, 2014 - BPL (Bio Products Laboratory) Holdings, a global biotherapeutics company, today announced that Kim Bjoernstrup has decided to step down from his role as Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Bjoernstrup will continue as an advisor to the company.  John Perkins will become the new CEO, effective May 1.  In addition to becoming CEO, Mr. Perkins will also join BPL's Board of Directors. 

Devin O'Reilly, director of the Board of BPL Holdings, said: "On behalf of the Board, we want to thank Kim for his significant contributions to BPL and for successfully setting the company up for future growth.  We're grateful to have benefitted from his leadership, and we look forward to his continued contribution as an advisor."

Kim Bjoernstrup commented: "It has been an exciting time to be CEO of BPL.  I believe the company is on a strong footing and I am excited for its future prospects.  I look forward to ensuring a smooth transition for John as he settles into his new role."

Mr. O'Reilly added:  "John will make an outstanding CEO.  He has deep and proven operational expertise specific to the plasma derived therapeutics industry."

Mr. Perkins joins BPL with 20 years of operating experience.  Previously, he was the executive vice president for Global Commercial Operations at Talecris Biotherapeutics where he was responsible for the $1.6B commercial business.  He also served on the Board of Centric Health Resources.  Prior to Talecris, Mr. Perkins held roles as an operating executive at Cerberus Capital and as an executive at General Electric. 

About BPL Holdings:

BPL Holdings is formed of 2 companies: Bio Products Laboratory, a UK-based fractionator of plasma products, and DCI Biologicals, a plasma collection business operating solely in the United States.

Bio Products Laboratory manufactures a wide range of plasma products.  Located in Elstree, near London, it is committed to research and development to maintain a key position in a constantly changing market in the 21st century.

Bio Products Laboratory has been involved in the processing of human plasma since 1950 when it was first established as part of the Lister Institute by the Medical Research Council (MRC), and started manufacturing specific immunoglobulins in 1972.

DCI Biologicals has been a leader in the plasma industry in the United States for over 25 years. DCI has 32 plasma centers throughout the United States. All of its plasma centres are FDA regulated and follow all industry guidelines. DCI is committed to supplying the highest quality plasma which is used to manufacture life-saving drugs and therapies.

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